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Purchase your groceries from Tesco to earn 375 Points - 21 REVIEWS POSTED
Good custemer service
Posted by: scotlandfo on Sun 1st Aug 2010 - 07:31
Every little helps?
I have been concerned for some time at the extraordinarily high cost in supermarkets of staples such as bread & milk. In times of raging inflation one would expect that the multiples with their vast purchasing power would help cash strapped families with the cost of necessities. It seems incongruous that in my local area milk can be purchased for 99p-1.09/2 litres in just about "every hole in the hedge" viz.,small privately owned grocery stores,newsagents,butchers, greengrocers, filling stations, and all the "1 shops" whilst the supermarkets seem unable to sell at less than 1.28. Given their motto, I last week raised my concerns with Tesco regional office management.

Initially, the reaction was that the small traders were applying a "loss leader" policy, and that this price (99p-1.09) was unsustainable.I pointed out that this price was widespread among local small traders, (most of whom would would not recognise "loss leader if it jumped up and bit them!) and had been sustained at this level for many months.

The argument then shifted to industry level,- that if Tesco with its volume were to trade at ths price, it would decimate the industry. So now we should praise the Lord for Tesco as Saviour of dairy farming sector!

I pointed out that the latest availble figures (June 2008) showed a farm-gate price of 25.8p/litre and was advised to bear in mind processing/transport costs!! Call me a cynic but I cannot see these costs accounting for anything like the difference between producer and retailer.

The spokesman then pointed out the constant offers available in every Tesco store,but had to concede that these applied almost exclusively to non-essential items, and never seemed to include basic staples like milk, where families have no real choice whether to consume or not. The price differential is all the more unjustified given the homogenous nature of the product. After all a pint of milk is a pint of milk..... In the event, the spokesman thanked me for my interest and undertook to keep the situation under review.

I am convinced that all supermarkets could comfortably reduce the cost of milk without detriment to themselves,their shareholders the producers, if not permanently,then certainly on a regular promotional basis.In such difficult times,Tesco could do low income customers a power of good by living up to that evocative motto....
Posted by: Mizeeks on Wed 10th Sep 2008 - 17:14
birthday surprize
I was sad because I could,nt be at my sons birthday, so I came up with the idea, why not send a birthday cake and banners, party hats and party poppers as a surprize , it was so easy just ordered on line chose the right time and day, and hey, got a lovely phone call next day from my son, saying thanks. Saying only a mum would know how good it could be. So THANKS TESCO once again for helping me arrange a birthday SURPRISE, it was easy to do and didnt cost that much.
Posted by: bazza on Tue 9th Sep 2008 - 19:21
Make it easier
I ahve never ever tried shopping on line before but with work getting busier and less time to do anything I opted to shop on line a few days ago. At first I found it a bit strange but then got it to it. However today my order as come and I was very disappointed to learn that when you order a buy one get one free offers you need to order two I would have thought that if you oredred one you would have got one free but no this is not the case. I think a good suggestion especially for the offeres would be if they had a promt asking is you would like to take advantage of the offers. However i will try again next week and see what I can learn from this weeks shop.
Posted by: Sand on Sat 6th Sep 2008 - 13:33
food for thought
Having used Tesco direct for one month I can say what an absolute first class service. Ok it has a few shortfalls like not having certain items in stock and not being able to buy end of date products(reduced)but for savings on fuel to and from and not having to compete with other shoppers and thier trollys is a godsend.also all the fresh fruit and veg that ive recieved has been first class with no bruises etc,obviously checked by hand for my order
Posted by: benboulton on Thu 31st Jul 2008 - 12:23
On-line Shopping
I had been a regular shopper at Tesco for a number of years, usually on a Friday, but chose in April of this year to try the online service.

When I visit the Tesco site I try to select the Friday as my choice delivery day and so far have been able to request the time slot I prefer, in the morning. The exception to this was when a couple of weeks ago I chose the Thursday.

When the shopping is delivered if there is anything I am not happy with then I immediately hand it back to the driver. I haven't had to do this too often but at least I know this option is there. After all you don't want to pay for something you don't particularly want.

Am quite happy with the service they provide, their drivers are usually helpful and friendly.
Posted by: Janet Burs on Tue 24th Jun 2008 - 14:51
Good Service
The standard of available products at my local Tesco store has improved dramatically over the past few months, with noticable longer shelf life of products and more choice in size/weight of product.
Posted by: CINNAMONCA on Fri 30th May 2008 - 19:47
Quick ,clean, Helpfull,& varied
I find shopping at Tesco to be a stressfree experience as the stores are clean, spacious, reasonably priced, the staff are helpful,also the points system is a help for getting some very good returns.

Like I said,stressfree shopping. WELL DONE TO ALL THE STAFF.
Posted by: lilie.gree on Fri 30th May 2008 - 18:33
Tesco all uder one roof
I love shopping at tesco because everything i need is there that i need. Some supermarkets just don't have everthing like good fruit and veg. These days I can even pop to tesco for paint, clothes and books and the staff are really helpful. Long live Tesco.
Posted by: gypseykath on Fri 30th May 2008 - 18:21
Tesco staff
I am disabled and I have to put in writing how kind the Tesco staff in the south east of Great Britain have been to me over the years.

I like to have my independence so even when I had my leg in plaster up to my groin I sometimes went shopping on my own and mostly this was and still is to Tesco's. The staff have even offered to go around the store with me to help me shop. Of course now that the electric buggy is available in the stores life for me and those like me is a lot easier. However when at the till and getting the goods to the car there is still a problem. Once again the staff have not let me down. They pack the shopping for me and then come out to the the car and then load up the car for me.

Of course I also consider that Tesco is one of the top stores in existence as every thing they sell from food to electrical goods and household items are all of the best standard, quality and value for money. Their fashion departments also have such a variety to choose from.

Thank you girls and boys for all the help and kindness you have shown me.
Posted by: Mary St Pi on Fri 30th May 2008 - 16:41
Home delivery charge
As most tesco home delivery customers will know there is a different charge depending on the day/time of day that you have you order delivered, but do you know that if for any reason they cannot deliver your order on the booked day you will be charged twice for your shopping and the first payment can take up to a week to be refunded so if you are on a tight budget be careful.

You are given the chance to collect the shopping from the store yourself but if like me you shop online from nesseccity then this is not an option, also if you go overdrawn at your bank because of this you have to send proof of charges etc. to start to claim this money back, which seems unfair if like me it is not your fault that they could not deliver, on this occasion the van had broken down.
Posted by: Earleybird on Fri 30th May 2008 - 12:44
quality and value on a budget
I really dislike shopping, but love shopping at Tesco, this is because I can get all I need under one roof. Tesco's food is the freshest, the clothes are the most stylish and homewares are excellent value. In addition, the staff are always helpful and polite.
Posted by: anne.scarl on Fri 30th May 2008 - 06:13
I have shopped with Tescos for many years,The reason being I do lots of entertaining so that means lots of cooking,chineese,asian,french english,mexican ect...also I use lots of different herbs so for food its pretty good

On the negative side the clothing is not of the same qaulity as M&S even though it is far cheaper I would never purchase any of the clothes.
Posted by: yesno on Thu 29th May 2008 - 23:25
Cost of Bread
Over the past couple of months I have noticed the dramatic rise in bread price at Tesco (and elsewhere). The extra-thick toaster bread from Tesco is now 1.15 per sliced loaf. Can Tesco explain how Morrisons sell an extra-thick loaf of sliced bread for 69p. I would like justification for the difference in price!!!!!
Posted by: sheelaghch on Thu 29th May 2008 - 23:19
Best of the bunch!!
I have tried all the online grocery shops available in our area, and Tesco is streets ahead of the others. I\'ve shopped with them for about 8 years, they\'ve always been pretty reliable, friendly and helpful. A couple of interesting substitutions in the early days, but spot on nowadays!
Posted by: Cluck on Thu 29th May 2008 - 22:14
Tescos drivers are the best
I have had many many deliveries from Tescos and I must say that everything has been fine with it. On the odd occasion that they didn't have an item available the driver pointed this out immediately. The drivers have always been happy to carry the boxes into the kitchen for me. (I never have carrier bags, trying to help the environment, after all I don't have to carry the items anywhere just put them away!) In fact I have had a laugh with all of them over something and nothing usually. They are a happy and helpful bunch of people. You've got it right Tescos keep it up.
Posted by: Carol Bamp on Thu 29th May 2008 - 21:47
Home delivery
They are very prompt. Helpful, cheerful and can even find our awkward address.

I have complained about some of the good and they have always dealt with it fairly.

Their website is good but occasionally I can't find some items without several searches..eg. long life milk.
Posted by: 12Tiggeroo on Thu 29th May 2008 - 20:57
Chocolate Digestives
Love Tesco as a rule but visited the Uckfield branch and bought a packet of Value dark chocolate digestive biscuits. The biscuit was cardboard and the chocolate like a thin coat of horrid tasting brown paint. Why bother with a Value range when their ordinary stuff is so good?
Posted by: June Helen on Thu 29th May 2008 - 20:30
I recently had a very disrrupting day due to my local tesco store, I was told on 3 seperate occasions that a product was 79.95 and then when I actually tryed to purchase it I was told it was 127.99, obviously I was not happy so I asked to speak to the manager. The girl that was dealing with me spoke to someone on the telephone and came back to me and told me there was nothing the manager could do. I then told the girl I wanted to speak to the manager and instead of her hiding behind a phone, so was then told in a very cheeky manner that the manager wasnt hiding behind a phone. Anyway to cut along story short I didnt buy the product I was looking for despite being told the price before hand. I have relative who works for the same store who even got her head line manager to check the price and was told the same thing. When I told tesco's this I was told that product have never been that price (although the barcode was taken off the product and scanned) but they did do a different one for 79.95. I think it is terrible that such a big company such as Tesco's can continually get away with treating there customers the way they are. I did shop at tescoi and so did alot of my friends and family but since this incidents none of them have been back in the store.
Posted by: mallowmars on Thu 29th May 2008 - 17:57
Not great expereince
Had groceries delivered a few times with the odd problem, soon sorted, however the last time I had about 150.00 worth delivered & it was a joke, 1 onion in a whole carrier bag infact half the bags had 1 item in & it had nothing to do with being a high smelling product, eggs smashed, things missings items not even ordered included, the delivery driver was a complete idiot making life very difficult with trying to empty the boxes he was dumping at a fast rate & he basically couldnt give a stuff at problems said ring up get discounts & credits, NOT the attitude I wanted id rather not have to do that, I have never used online since nor will again, very very disappointed.
Posted by: MARTIN.WIL on Thu 29th May 2008 - 14:57
Consistently reliable
Tesco qualifies as the definitive grocery site due to their vans dotting more roads than their competitors.

...And there's a reason for this.

Tesco's site seems the most friendliest in terms of colour scheme and navigation. It doesn't take long for new users to register.

Actual shopping is as easy as walking down the aisles. Either browse by category or keyword search for them. I've found only a few occasions where what I've wanted isn't in stock - either at order or delivery stage - and the choice of optional substitutions gives good results.

Once you've shopped, it only takes a few seconds to select an ideal delivery date for 3-5.99, depending on day, and then you're taken to a clearly laid final page where you can enter voucher codes, add delivery instructions, and of course payment details.

9 times out 10 delivery has been on time with no problems. But on the odd occasion a driver turned up late, or the next day(!), or some items were missing.

However, Tesco support by email and phone has always been helpful in tracking down drivers and reimbursing delivery charges and lost items without hassle. Most drivers are friendly.

As per their physical shops, their prices are often hard to beat, on top of which Clubcard points with regular shopping allow you to shave some pounds.

The only small criticism is that they should make their site more compatible with Firefox. While there's no glaring incompatibility, there have been times when a search term prompts me to download a site file instead of showing search results. And so I give up and revert to using Internet Explorer.

Overall though, I see no reason to to try another online grocery site once you've tried Tesco.
Posted by: MANICMO on Thu 29th May 2008 - 14:22

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