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3 Mobile - Mobile Broadband

About 3 Mobile - Mobile Broadband

Get mobile broadband with up to 15Gb for just £15 per month. Top notch broadband wherever you are. (Only new 3 Mobile customers can be rewarded)

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Complete a valid 15Gb broadband order online to earn 7500 Points. You will receive your reward when 3 Mobile has completed your order. The reward is limited to one broadband account per user.

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Earn 7,500 Points for taking out 3 Mobile broadband at Mutual Points - 4 REVIEWS POSTED
Mixed thoughts
I have had my 3 mobile broadband modem for about 5 months now, and in the beginning it seemed alot faster than the conventional wires-and-all broadband. However, it did start to slow down. This is cured by clearing the temporary files folder (so I was told by a very lovely and helpful lady in India). My only gripe with the modem is that it doesnt like to work deep inside my flat where the signal isn't as strong (makes sence though seeing as it works by accessing the phone signal). All in all though I am impressed.
Posted by: Keelyaj on Tue 8th Jul 2008 - 22:11
I Have It
I have three mobile broadband its really good becauase its just one wire and so it doesn't make much mess and you can take it anywhere with you, its easy to connect all you have to do is put it into the computer and wait to press connect, it is slow though sometimes which fortunately is the only downside.
Posted by: hayley on Wed 2nd Jul 2008 - 15:12
I brought a 3 modem from the carphone warehouse and it has brought me nothing but trouble. I pay £35.00 a month for something that only works when it wants to. I have rang on numerous occasions and have been told that it is probably the computer its self or the modem. As I was getting no where with trying to fix the problems I was having, I tried to cancel my contract which should be for 18 months. I was told by a woman who worked for 3 that unless I could prove it was a technical fault I would have to pay £218.00 to cancel my contract. I was not paying for something that does not work so I rang the technical support back and proved it was a technical fault only then to be told that if I still want to cancel my contract I would still have to pay. As I am not paying for something that does not work I am now getting in touch from consumer advice about my rights and if that does not get them to cancel my contract I will get a solicitor involved. People might think Iím being stupid but in my eyes it is a waste of time and money!!!
Posted by: kimmy098 on Fri 30th May 2008 - 10:41
3 broadband
3 broadband is brill and easy to use, would recommend to anyone.
Posted by: chrisheard on Fri 30th May 2008 - 01:40

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